The How To Guide For Shipping LTL Freight

The How To Guide For Shipping LTL Freight

Here are a few tips on shipping large items, LTL (Less Than Truckload) Across town, Across the state or Across the country

1. Preparation

The first thing you need to do, is to make sure everything is well packed. Freight shipped LTL freight may make one or several stops before it reaches the destination. If you have more than 5 pieces you should consider putting everything on a pallet and shrink-wrap the contents. This will protect & insure the shipment stays together during the transportation.

2. Just the Facts

Dimensions (be precise) know the final dimensions and the weight of the shipment. Measure the Length X Width X Height measurement (a few of our customers will use the program evernote to record a picture of the shipment and include the dimensions and weight). If you ship regularly, we suggest the investment in a commercial scale. Knowing the exact weight will save you thousands of dollars per year in accuracy of bidding and any rounding done by estimation.

3 Call Marathon Freight with the details

Once you have the:
1) Contents ready
2) Time to deliver
3) Weight and Dimensions…
4) Pick-up/ Delivery addresses
5) Number of pieces
6) Commodity of the goods. +Any special details?

4. We Quote shipping costs

We will check our network and resources and send you a quote based on your request and what we feel is the best way to transport and deliver your cargo.

As one of the premier independent Freight Forwarders Marathon Freight we can save you anxiety and the frustration in dealing with day-to-day changes & the unknown in that makes up the Freight business.


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