Custom Shipping Options

One Size Does Not Fit All

Custom shipping options  for LTL are easy with Marathon Freight

LTL (less-than-truckload) shipping shouldn’t be hard or time consuming. That’s why we offer you several reliable service choices — plus value-added and specialized options — all within our streamlined networks. Whether the speed is critical or you can trade time for savings, you can count on Marathon Freight to take care of your LTL freight and your customers.
A simpler LTL shipping experience with the best choices depending on the cargo and amount of time using our transportation network we can help you plan ahead with timely information adding to your profits while reducing your stress level.

LTL shipping when you need it
When there is a choice for your LTL shipments that you need delivered by a specific time or date.  Marathon Freight offers a range of time-definite shipping options so you can have your freight delivered when you need it.

Contact Marathon Freight and let’s talk about how we can create custom shipping options for your business. We can show you an assortment of alternatives and shipping choices. Our best practice shipping solutions is to  give you a choice of options for your  inbound and outbound freight services.

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