Freight Class

Freight Class

Freight class is the category of your freight defined by the National Motor Freight Association (NMFTA). Freight class is also referred to as NMFC  National Motor Freight Classification.


The NMFTA classes products according to density, storability, handling, and liability. There are 18 freight classes ranging from class 50 (least expensive) up to class 500 (most expensive). The NMFTA also assigns item numbers to every product along with rules and packing requirements. Each item number has a freight class. NMFC

All item numbers and freight classes are catalogued in the NMFC tariff for carriers. Domestic LTL carriers use the NMFC tariff to determine their freight charges. This is why you need a freight class to calculate correct shipping charges.

You must select the correct freight class or the carrier will re-class your shipment, which could result in a higher shipping charge.

No one want’s an unknown extra charge added to your shipping bill, if you are uncertain or you need help determining your accurate class, please call our office anytime toll-free 877-775-4776

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