What is a Freight Broker?

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A freight broker is an individual or company that serves as a liaison between another individual or company that needs shipping services and an authorized motor carrier providing shipping services. These services may be LTL or Full Load.

Marathon Freight is an exclusive specialist in Freight Brokering

So Marathon Freight is a Freight Broker and not a motor carrier or shipper?

Correct… the Freight Broker plays an important role in the movement of your cargo Marathon Freight does not function as a shipper or the motor carrier. The value in what we do is to offer work provided in determining and understanding your companies’ individual needs special requirements of today’s cargo.  The Freight Broker makes certain a round peg is not forced into a square hole. As your freight broker we connect, you the shipper with a select and particular carrier best suited and willing to transport the items suited for your freight class at an acceptable price.

What requirements do freight brokers operate under?

To operate as a freight broker, a business or individual must obtain a license from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and freight brokers are required to carry surety bonds which protects customers and carriers assuring shipping charges are paid.

Freight broker services are valuable to both shippers and motor carriers. Freight brokers help shippers find reliable carriers that might otherwise be difficult to locate. They assist motor carriers in filling their trucks and earning money for transporting a wide variety of items. For their efforts, freight brokers earn commissions.

Freight Brokers use their knowledge of the shipping industry and technological resources to help shippers and carriers accomplish their goals. Helping with identifying proper freight class, assure that your freight is properly insured with carrier or outside insurance agency and provide the best transit times when this is a necessity.

Many companies find the services provided by Marathon Freight as a freight broker, indispensable. In fact, many of the companies we work with hire Marathon Freight exclusively to coordinate all of their shipping needs both inbound and outbound.


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