LTL (Less Than Load)  Shipping

Marathon Freight LTL Freight BrokerMost freight shipments that move in the United States are LTL shipments

An LTL shipment can be anywhere between 60 lbs. and approximately 20,000 lbs., depending on the space it occupies in the truck. LTL shipping is the most economical option when you don’t have a full trailer of freight to ship. Marathon Freight (through experience) has developed a network of national and regional LTL freight carriers with dependable service and outstanding pricing. Small and medium shippers can leverage Marathon’s significant buying power and benefit from the deep discounts that are passed on to you, the customer.

Marathon provides a Web-based TMS (Transportation Management System) software to all registered customers at no charge. This software lets you quote, book, and manage all of your LTL shipments in an easy-to-use format. It will also allow you to instantly quote multiple carriers, saving you the hassle of having to call around for quotes. All your important information, including addresses, freight classes, and commodities, will be saved. This will give you the ability to process shipments in a few simple steps. Once pertinent information is entered into the TMS, the system can pull up a bill of lading and automatically contact the carrier for pickup through an EDI feed, making the entire process seamless. The system can also quote guaranteed shipments and pallet rates, and offer additional insurance at your request.

Aside from the standard pallet shipments, Marathon provides modified and custom LTL services, larger volume LTL pricing, and air cargo shipments. To log in to your LTL account, please just click  here or on the menu at the top and  enter your username and password on the Login Marathon Freight page.
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