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Freight The Easier Way

There is an easier way to ship.

Use Marathon Freight!

Marathon Freight is a Freight Broker that delivers ground freight solutions covering all facets of the shipping and distribution process throughout North America. Our value for clients  is our full transportation knowledge and years of experience, including a network of technical reporting  services.

Our objective is to provide  our clients with the right ground freight solutions to meet their diverse supply chain requirements.

Marathon Freight offers...

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10 Essential Shipping Tips

Ten Essential Shipping Tips

A list of 10 freight tips before your shipment leaves the door.

1)  Know Your Freight Class

2)  Invest in a Freight Scale

3)  Use A Freight Broker

4) Record Your Experience

5) Review & Document  any special packing tips and any special considerations/needs

6) Know the freight dimensions L X H X W  to the 1/4 inch

7) Time... Is it ready now?  When does it need to be there? ...  know the delivery dates and last possible dates  & document.

8) Know your options, travel routes  and outline any special...

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