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Freight Class

Freight Class

Freight class is the category of your freight defined by the National Motor Freight Association (NMFTA). Freight class is also referred to as NMFC  National Motor Freight Classification.


The NMFTA classes products according to density, storability, handling, and liability. There are 18 freight classes ranging from class 50 (least expensive) up to class 500 (most expensive). The NMFTA also assigns item numbers to every product along with rules and packing requirements. Each item number has...
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10 Essential Shipping Tips

Ten Essential Shipping Tips

A list of 10 freight tips before your shipment leaves the door.

1)  Know Your Freight Class

2)  Invest in a Freight Scale

3)  Use A Freight Broker

4) Record Your Experience

5) Review & Document  any special packing tips and any special considerations/needs

6) Know the freight dimensions L X H X W  to the 1/4 inch

7) Time... Is it ready now?  When does it need to be there? ...  know the delivery dates and last possible dates  & document.

8) Know your options, travel routes  and outline any special...

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