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Seth Godin gives a shout out on the benefits of LTL shipping

Seth Godin - Master Marketeer gives a shout out on the benefits of LTL shipping in his daily blog message.

Leveraging specialists like Marathon Freight. We have so many new options with  portion solutions. Today you can get more for less and still receive the best of options. Seth nails the benefits of LTL in the following statement.
FTL means "full truckload." For the longest time, a full truckload was the only efficient way to ship goods around. A company would expand operations (not just trucking, but just about everything)...
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Freight The Easier Way

There is an easier way to ship.

Use Marathon Freight!

Marathon Freight is a Freight Broker that delivers ground freight solutions covering all facets of the shipping and distribution process throughout North America. Our value for clients  is our full transportation knowledge and years of experience, including a network of technical reporting  services.

Our objective is to provide  our clients with the right ground freight solutions to meet their diverse supply chain requirements.

Marathon Freight offers...

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The How To Guide For Shipping LTL Freight

The How To Guide For Shipping LTL Freight

Here are a few tips on shipping large items, LTL (Less Than Truckload) Across town, Across the state or Across the country

1. Preparation The first thing you need to do, is to make sure everything is well packed. Freight shipped LTL freight may make one or several stops before it reaches the destination. If you have more than 5 pieces you should consider putting everything on a pallet and shrink-wrap the contents. This will protect & insure...
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